Labradorite Moon Huggies

Labradorite Moon Huggies

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Labradorite is a stone of transformation.

đź’™balances and protects your aura

💙raises consciousness 

đź’™grounds spiritual energies

đź’™stimulates mental acuity

đź’™relieves stress and anxiety

đź’™regulates metabolism

đź’™lowers blood pressure

đź’™aids in digestion

đź’™balances hormones

Chakra : Throat

Huggies are 18k Gold, Rhodium and Rose Gold plated brass, they are also lead and nickel free . They do not tarnish easily however it is best not to wear in the shower or under water.

Please note

 these are not the huggies that you will receive every Crystal Huggies will be intuitively chosen, every piece is different as no two Crystals are the same, however I try to do my best when pairing them together.

If you would like to see a video of them before you choose a pair just shoot me a message .