Meet Magical Michelle

Hiya I'm Magical Michelle

I started to wrap Crystals because after purchasing a few pieces that were close to $90 each it was quite costly and I've always been creative ex nail tech haaa, I thought I could wrap for myself it wasn't easy at first but they were beautiful and then friends wanted some for themselves and so began my little hobby of wrapping Crystals.

I'm currently a support worker with our Seniors in my community and boy does it drain me, hence why I started to wear my Crystals more frequently and I just love the comfort they brought me. I love feeling their energy and the joy they bring me.

My clients always comment on the bracelets I wear like 5 on each arm haaa they sure give us something to talk about.

I really love to wrap Crystals I do it with such passion, happiness and joy and I hope that when you wear them you too will feel this, it comes from my pure Heart and Soul.

I started posting a daily Inspiration on social media in 2016 hence how the name Inspirations came to effect because we should all try and be an Inspiration to someone and Magical well there’s a little Magic in us all therefore that’s how Michelle’s Magical Inspirations name came about. I hope you enjoy my babies I love each and every piece and it’s hard to part with them but I know you will love them as much as I do . Thankyou and don’t forget to Be Your Magical Self .

Any queries please send me a message via my Instagram page I am always happy to help xx