Crystal Care

🖤Our Silver chains are real silver electroplated, Nickel free and Tarnish resistant
❤Our Gold chains are 14 k gold electroplated , Tarnish resistant , Brass Based and Nickel free
🧡Our Rose Gold chains are 14 k gold electroplated Brass Based, Nickel free and Tarnish resistant too
Each link measures 2.5mm x 2.0mm and is soldered for strength.
All clasps and links are also Tarnish resistant
🤍To ensure the longevity of your chains please don' wear them in the shower or spray any perfumes on your chain
❤Do not sleep with your necklace

Your Crystals will be cleansed before you receive them, its important for you to place your intentions into them.

Crystals can absorb negative and positive energy therefore they need to be cleansed regularly.

There are a few different ways to cleanse your crystal, personally I just have mine near Selenite every time I take them off however you can choose other methods. Some Crystals should not get wet therefore I would never Cleanse them with water a quick wash would be okay just not too long under water however there are crystals that are water safe.

Ways to cleanse your Crystal Necklaces, bracelets or any Crystals 

1. Selenite: Leave your Crystal on a Selenite charging plate or just near any Selenite I leave mine overnight.

2. Sage or Smudge Stick: Smudging with white sage removes negative energy , wave the stick around your jewellery asking it to be purified and to only have the best intentions for you.

3. The Full Moon: On a full moon place your Crystals outside or on your window ledge to recharge your Crystals , the full moons brightest light will recharge your Crystals to its highest charge. Its important to Cleanse your Crystal often so that you get the highest vibrations from them .